Lui - Louis


This edition relates to a past relationship, describing a portrait of a teenager. It’s based on memories, resumed words pronounced in that time. I try to respect a certain simplicity without showing any feelings. Pages are folded, hiding the truth. It puts the reader in a voyeur’s position, trying to look and read some words. The only way to have access to these pages is to tear them in two, 

a significant action and strong meaning. The reader would become from now on also an actor.

2016 in ESAD

Gold Screenprinting + Print

Hard cover in fake leather

2 copies


80 730 réalités

Inspired by Cent mille milliards de poèmes by Raymond Queneau, 80 730 réalités is a adjacent book of Lui-Louis. Another way of expressing this person’s portrait. Between simplicity and complexity. Change and instability. 

A multiple face.


©2016 Fanny Demier. All rights reserved.