The Lion is Hungry



The Lion is Hungry is a prototype publication project aimed at proposing to the Fondation Beyeler a communication support that would found place between the exhibition catalog (imposing, expensive, standard designed) and the flyer (free, volatile, creatively designed). This project was all the more interesting as it challenged us to break down the barriers of visual communication and to think up a new meduim in line with our current era, which is facing a global pandemic.


We took a three fold approach : a photo-graphic journal, a typographical booklet and some scratch-off postcards. Taking advantage of the sending by mail solution to play with different size and format that we will normally wouldn't found in a museum. The idea was to create a multi-layered experience from home. The aim of this publication is to take the viewer into the museum and make him/her experience the unique characteristics of the Foundation such as its spatiality, its lights, its surrounding nature...

Project carried out with Anahat Kaur and Simone Marie

Photography by Simone Marie

Journal & booklet designed by Fanny Demier

Postcard designed by Anahat Kaur


202O at HGK FHNW

RISO printing

Scratch ink

A4 - A5 - A6

3 copies


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