Jardin d'hiver

Video clip 


This video clip was made during the quarantine of 2020. I spent these 2/3 months at my mother's house in Paris. Coming back to live with her for such a long time after leaving the family house 4 years earlier was very strange for me. During this confinement I had the opportunity to rediscover this apartment in which I lived several years of my life. I was taken by a certain nostalgia in front of all these objects full of memories.


The clip here attempts to express this nostalgia and melancholy that I have in front of my childhood. I worked with my family archives (films and photos) by bringing a digital dimension to it. Our relation to other have changed drastically in a last few years with the arrival of digital technology. "Communicating" no longer has the same meaning as before. From now on, everything or almost goes through digital. This period of confinement has accentuated the use of its networks and allowed us to stay in touch with our loved ones, isolated but connected together.


Between analog melancholy and digital connection, this clip wants to be modest but honest. It was an escape and a point of appeasement during the quarantine.

2020 personal experimentation

Jardin d'hiver by Henri Salvador

1920 x 1080 px

3:36 min

2:38 min (without introduction)

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