Linocut zine

I imagined this zine after a weekend in Antwerp, Belgium. The architecture of the city caught my eye, moving from street work to bulldozers’ flash colors, from the serenity of virgin Mary to street corners.I selected six of my photos that express the diversity of Antwerp,. Then I drew them in simple, vectorial shapes, to unify them to express the specificity and the unique charm of Antwerp. While redrawing, I made sure that all the images were connected by the same line.

To break this stiffness, I printed everything in linocut to bring the human hand, imperfect but determined. This zine folding allows to play with the edition, to create new forms and diverse readings. It also raises the zine to 3D object, illustrating the architecture.

2018 in Hochschule Mainz

420 x 600 mm

4 pages

Séries of 7 copy


©2018 Fanny Demier. All right reserved.